sound.transmission.light is an audio responsive artwork developed in Berlin which combines light & video projection together with a unique paper panel construction. The transmission of light through the naturally dyed paper has beautiful properties and gives character to the light and video; a fusion of organic and digital is the outcome.

The project is directed by Australian artists On-Yau Lui (based in Berlin) & Richard Byers (based in Japan) with each unique performance a collaboration, developed closely with talented local musicians in each new location. The modular projection and paper panel system is configured uniquely to each venue, ranging from a single 2.5m length panel for intimate spaces and for large venues, a suspended system of up to 5 panels, each 4.5m in height, spaced and angled to accent the architectural features of the venue.

We are always interested in new collaborations with talented musicians and unique venues for future performances, please contact us on to discuss the next sound.transmission.light event.