Sound. Transmission. Light.


Richard Byers

On-Yau Lui

Directors background:
Byers and Lui are Australian new media artists with degrees in Industrial Design and Architecture respectively. Byers is based in Kagoshima, Japan and Lui in Berlin, Germany and they have worked collaboratively since 2009 .  In our new media, audio responsive and interactive artworks, participation is key to the life of projects.  Our aim is to create works subtly delicate in nature, seeking to create intimate atmospheres between sound and light, connecting themes of distanced reminiscence, personal memoirs and spontaneous magical moments.  Byers and Lui are delighted to have had the chance to make connections with local artists from different cities, exhibit and perform the work in Liechtenstein, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney & Brisbane from 2009 to the present.  We are constantly developing the work for the next installation, and very much look forward to collaborating with talented musicians and sharing it with new audiences around the world.

Collaborating artist & musicians:

Tokyo:    Yukiko Tsuda (piano accordion & vocal) , Mayumi Ishida (acoustic guitar & vocal), Marimi Morito (vocal).

Berlin:   Clayton Thomas (double bass), Felix Haenel (clarinet), Meltem Nil & Jeff Johnston

Liechtenstein: Clayton Thomas (double bass)

Sydney:   John Maddox (guitar and effects), Wayne Wormald (keyboard and vocal), Danny Graham (electric guitar), Mark Piccles (Tom drum)

Brisbane: Aphonia (guitar and effects), Arongo Te Whiu (vocal) & Hannah Shepherd (vocalist from Charlie Mayfair)