March 13th, 2010

surface On-Yau Lui . projection Richard Byers . music Wayne Wormald . Danny Graham . Mark Piccles
26 . 3. 2010
Exhibition 8 – 10:30pm
Performance 9pm
St Petersburg Warehouse Studio
21 May Street St Peters


27 March 2010:
Yesterday evening was a real success with a fantastic turn out, thanks to our wonderful audience.   Anticipation filled the air as seats and standing room were still being filled just as we were about to start.  Wayne, Danny and Mark played a beautiful set of music for over 40 minutes.  The colours  danced on the screens for moments of magic.  Big ups to Simon of St. Petersburg for all your co-operation.  We couldn’t have wished for a more suitable venue for our excellent Sydney crowd.  There were a few cameras clicking and videos recording – I take it as a sign that our audience was enjoying the show.  If you’d like to share those pictures with us, or tell us what you thought of the night, please get in touch!  In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures to begin with.   See you next time, On-Yau.

Photos below taken by Vo Nguyen

6 Responses to “Sydney – St. Petersburg”

  1. Allida Mulfari says:

    Great work. Loved all components of it !!

  2. Visuals were amazing. That music was good too!

  3. Well done Lovelies! It was so amazing to finally see your work and it was quite beutiful as I expected it to be. I’m so proud of you – gulp! Stay inspired and keep growing always! Big love! Cam.

  4. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    Cheers On, thank you so much and great to meet you Richard. Brilliant work; very enjoyable experience visually & aurally intriguing. Love the tea-bag screens. Will write you up in my blog this week. (blogspot/jhamilton – i think) but also

  5. Congratulations! We were so impressed with the performance! Truely beautiful and inspirational… You have done so well … All the best back in Berlin. Sue & Stu

  6. Hey i loved the installation art/performance! Do you guys have any essays or anything which you have written about your light installations? i’d like to use this performance for a presentation on synesthesia. any help would be great. are you still in sydney? perhaps we can discuss this in person?email me!

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